Internationalist Solidarity Network

Fostering mutually respectful, co-operative and beneficial connections with people from existing grassroots communities of resistance on the front lines of the climate & ecological crises in both the Global South & Global North who are working on environmental justice, so that:

  • these perspectives get represented throughout XRUK;
  • there’s 2-way learning between XR UK and people from these communities of resistance.

In December 2018, XRUK decided to donate 20% of its crowdfunding revenues to XR Internationalist Solidarity Network (ISN) UK which amounted to £370,000 as at 31 January 2020.

Overseas spending to date is as follows:

  • Grants to the Miano Asase Yaa Community Educational and Sanctuary Centre (MAYCESC) in Ghana, Africa = £36,000
  • Global South Continental Partners Secretariat Grants (or other similar payments):
    • XR Affinity All-Afrikan Network (XRAAAN) = £13,500
    • Abya Yala/South America (XRRAAYS) = £5,000
    • XR Affinity Network Asia (XRANA) = £5,000
  • Nature Spoke – South America film project = £7,000

Spending in the UK (e.g. educational and outreach) as at 31 March:

  • Gaia House of People to Peoples Internationalist Solidarity (GHOPPIS), London:
    • Rent (2020-2021) = £36,000
    • Renovations, a garden office and other associated GHOPPIS costs (£TBC)
  • Camera and video equipment (£TBC)
  • Vehicles and other costs relating to the Global Justice Rebel Roadshow (£TBC)
  • Volunteer living expenses (3 or 4 individuals £TBC)

Proposal by CRL Finance to XRUK’s IBG re: ISN on 3Dec2020

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