Interim Budget Group

A team of XRUK volunteers with the mandate to:

Decide what expenditure in practice and principle (when applicable) is essential to the running and building of the UK-wide movement;

Decide with consultation with SST what strategic priorities to fund with budget available after essential costs are met.

Interim Budget Group mandate

This is its current mandate (May 2020).

What and who are XRUK’s Interim Budget Group (IBG)?

The IBG are volunteers consisting of voting members (who are elected from the 3 widest circles of the XR UK organism) and advisory members.  

Voting Members:

  • 3 from UK Rebel Hive (representing the UK’s Nations and regions) (1 vacant);
  • 2 from the UK Operations Circle;
  • 1 from UK Support Circle;
  • 1 from XR Youth;

Advisory Members:

  • Finance (2) (1 vacant);
  • Guardianship & Visioning;
  • Strategic Support Team;
  • Regenerative Cultures (vacant);
  • Financial Integrity Team (FIT);
  • Budget Holder Representation (vacant).

Key IBG communications to the XRUK movement

NEW – XRUK New budget decisions November 2020 – April 2021 – Link

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