Financial Integrity Team

A team of XRUK volunteers with the purpose to:

To promote and advance financial integrity and transparency across Extinction Rebellion UK (XRUK) in accordance with our regenerative culture and decentralised principles whilst seeking new ways (“teal”).

This is its current mandate (March 2020) including FIT members.

One of its responsibilities is to agree the XRUK Donations Policy.

In the coming weeks we hope to share abridged minutes of its meetings which were held on:

  • 10Jan2020
  • 29Jan2020
  • 12Feb2020
  • 26Feb2020
  • 2Apr2020
  • 13May2020
  • 24Jun2020
  • 5Aug2020
  • 16Sep2020
  • 28Oct2020
  • 9Dec2020

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